Pikiran dan Perjalanan: A Memoir of Life


By Zafira Fiona Islami


Just like newly made cake from the bakery, Barasuara just gave us fresh tunes from their latest release. The hits alternative-rock band finally release their album after four years of exchanging minds and travelling. “Pikiran dan Perjalanan” a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning behind it. According to Barasuara’s official statement, this album is a picture of a matter of confusion and hope and wrapped in a musical form. This album presents the memoir about the complexity of feelings, expectations, happiness, disappointment, and the ups and downs of human mentality. In other way, Barasuara wants their fans, also known as Penunggang Badai, to stick with hope, optimism, and dreams that light up in the middle of this messy life. This album also feels close to home for Barasuara. Every nine songs are beautifully made by each and every single member of Barasuara. A collective feeling of Barasuara. Every single songs in this album have their own stories and meaning.

Opening up the album, Seribu Racun tells us a story about someone with depression. This song was inspired from one of Iga Massardi’s close friend, who happen to have depression. The rock-side of Barasuara is shown here. The perfect way to open up an album, an up-beat song with the meaningful lyrics.

Next is the song that become the title of this album, Pikiran dan Perjalanan. Pikiran dan Perjalanan tells us about life in general. There will always be intersection. Which way to follow. Which way to pick. Which way that leads us to life itself. That is why this song became the title of the album. Not only that, it is also the best representative of how the album is made. Exchanging minds between the personnel, travelling and meeting with every Penunggang Badai, and few changes and maturations among the personnel that happens in the last couple of years.

Following with that song, is their single to introduce this album, Guna Manusia. For me personally, this song is my second favorite song in the album. It tells us a story about how human can survive in this world. How human discover the meaning in their existence. Guna Manusia also remind me to one of Barasuara’s hits song, Bahas Bahasa. The collaboration between the guitar and bass used in this song is also straight-on-point.

Number four on the list of the album, there is Pancarona. A little more low-beat song rather than the previous songs, with a little touch of electronic tunes. Giving me chills whenever I listen to this song. Pancarona tells a story about someone who seeks the meaning of the colors around him. The colors of happiness and sadness.

Another low-beat song presented by Barasuara is Tentukan Arah, the perfect collaboration between the soft guitar twinkles and Iga Massardi’s beautiful voice. Tentukan Arah actually was a part of Sendu Melagu, back in their first debut album. But, eventually divided into two parts.

Number six, we have Masa Mesias Mesias. In this song, Barasuara added a little touch of the eastern music. Sounds funky but, still keeping the energetic vibes. Masa Mesias Mesias tells us about how, today, everyone tries to convince each other to join whatever, according to them, is right.

Another up-beat, alternative rock song on the album is Haluan. The signature-kind song of Barasuara. This song tells us about the rise of false news that is currently happening. We are always given something different from what happened on the field and then it becomes a culture and a wave of hatred.

Samara, my number one favorite song in the album. A very happy, energetic song. For me, this song perfectly describe Barasuara. The fun. The excitement. For some reason, I do think this song sums up everything about this album. The lyrics mention three names; Samara, Ani, and Jiyana. These three names hold three different meaning. Samara means protected by God. Ani is reflected as a beautiful woman and Jiyana means power.

Closing up the album, we have Tirai Cahaya, which tells us a story about having kids. As we know, most of Barasuara’s personnel have children. This song tells the process of human being. From birth until adulthood. It low-beat tunes describe the happiness of parents when they first met their children. The celebration of a new life.

Overall, this album is brilliant. We can see how Barasuara have improved than before. This whole album is really that meaningful. Those hidden messages in the songs. Those beautiful lyrics. Those musical instruments. All well combined in this album. A perfect road-trip playlist.