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Ed Sheeran Divide World Tour: One-Man Wonder, Ed Sheeran Charmed the Entire Stadium


“Ed seduced Jakarta with an emotional show.”

by Assyla Ridha Adhani

He slays. He got the entire stadium singing along. He is without a doubt one of the most popular and talented male vocalists of our time. He is Ed Sheeran, and he has successfully delivered a remarkable concert experience.


On Friday night, May 3rd, the British singer-songwriter came on stage by himself in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium after the Japanese rock band opener One Ok Rock got the crowd warmed up in their seats. Equipped with just a looper pedal, his acoustic guitar, and a microphone, Ed enthralled the audience for approximately two hours.


With over 50,000 people on the stadium, promotor Sound Rhythm did a great job on bringing Ed Sheeran’s Divide World Tour to Jakarta as people were thoroughly entertained by his presence.


Similar to any other Divide Tour in Asia, he opened up with the classic ‘Castle on The Hill’ which evoked screams, applause and general hysteria amongst the entire stadium. He started off with slower, melancholic songs including ‘Dive’ and ‘Happier’ then changed into his upbeat songs in the half of the set like ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘Sing’. Moreover, since he failed to perform in Jakarta last year, Ed managed to sing tracks from his previous album “+”.


In the midst of a cheering crowd, he seemed to really enjoy interacting with the audience. Most singers don’t get away with much chat on stage, but Ed carried off effortlessly with his jokes and burning passion bringing everyone to join in dancing and singing.

It is undeniable that he is a talented live performer and can hold his own crowd. I was mesmerized by the fact that his songs sounded exactly like the studio versions, which proved that he deserved the Grammy Award trophies.


Despite from Ed’s pure talent, the beautiful screen visuals certainly made the night even more magical. Screens were aligned all along the stage’s wall, with two big rectangular screens on the sides. Stunning, unique visual has been curated to fit every song in the album and with no doubt added a special touch to the performance.

The most outstanding visuals according to my opinion were during ‘Thinking Out Loud’, where the screens brought the audience through space filled with stars and planets and an animated drawing of two lovers in the middle of the screen. It was exceptional.

Other standouts during the night were ‘The A-Team” as people started to turn on their phone’s flashlight, creating a sea of beautiful light while singing along. There was something really special when the entire stadium started to sing along together, it was like being part of the biggest choir you could ever be in. Ed also managed to make the noisy crowd quiet during ‘Tenerife Sea’ as he showcased his voice with Jakarta’s skyline as the background. Truly breathtaking.

He is a truly gifted male vocalist, an inspiration. Come right back, Ed!


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