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About Us

BSO Band FEB UI is a music organization in Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. Basically we are a group of music lovers that consists of FEB UI students. BSO Band’s history go way back in 1999 when we were still a small community in our campus. We live by these words ‘Developing People Through Music’. This phrase doesn’t have a literal meaning, but it is how BSO Band members interpret it that’s important. These holy words have been our foundation in doing everything that we do for 17 years till’ now.

The organization itself has five running divisions. They are: Internal, External, Music Production, Project & Event.

Internal is the one that binds us close together and add value in each of BSO Band’s members. Their job is to make surethat we’re having a good time here ;). External is the face of BSO Band. They consists of creative minded people that’s in charge of making us look good and popular in public. Music production is the core of BSO Band. They’re the one who manage our artists and talents. You can check their work straight away in MUSIC page. Project supports us financially by promoting and selling our MERCH. Finnaly the event team helps running our two biggets EVENTS.

If you are curious about us or interested in joining our team as a talent or member please do not hesitate to contact us by filling this contact form or email us at


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